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FCC Ámbito obtains WEEELABEX certification for its WEEE recycling facility in Palencia


FCC Ámbito obtains WEEELABEX certification for its electrical and electronic equipment recycling facility in Palencia

FCC Ámbito obtains WEEELABEX certification for its electrical and electronic equipment recycling facility in Palencia

InduRaees, a subsidiary of FCC Ámbito, has obtained WEEELABEX certification for the treatment of refrigeration equipment for its Waste from Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) recycling facility located in Osorno (Palencia). This accreditation recognises the good practices of the certified companies in the treatment of waste of this type of equipment, and aims to develop and provide quality, service and tools to promote the use of the best WEEE recycling facilities on the market. FCC Ámbito has thus become the second company in Spain to obtain this recognition.

The WEEELABEX certification obtained is specific for the treatment of the WEEE flow of refrigeration equipment and requires compliance with very rigorous values and parameters, both in terms of documentation and in the operational development of the activity. Its purpose is the recovery and recycling of all the components of the refrigeration equipment, such as aluminium, copper, plastic or iron; and it focuses on environmental aspects, as the compliance with the values of oil and gas extraction contained in the refrigeration equipment, required by the technical and safety standards of the European Committee for Electrotechnical Standardisation (CENELEC in Spanish acronym).

WEEELABEX is an international non-profit organisation whose function is to audit the WEEE management and treatment processes, and to promote the adoption of the necessary measures to improve these processes by management companies worldwide.

FCC Ámbito has been treating WEEE for more than 22 years, by means of its several management facilities for the white, brown and grey lines of household appliances, fluorescent tubes and lamps, and different types of equipment and batteries and accumulators. Thanks to these facilities, the company manages directly or through its subsidiaries over 40,000 tonnes per year of this resource, with the recovery and reuse of the secondary raw materials contained in them for the production processes.

FCC Ámbito is the subsidiary of FCC Servicios Medio Ambiente specialising in the comprehensive management of industrial and commercial waste, recovery of by-products and decontamination of soil. It has a total of 39 treatment centres in Spain and Portugal, with more than 67 processing lines that guarantee the functionality of the facilities.