FCC ámbito: Leaders in the management and recovery of industrial and commercial waste, by-product recovery and soil remediation

FCC ámbito, a subsidiary of FCC Group, is the leading company in Spain and Portugal in the management of industrial waste, by-product recovery and soil decontamination, it also has a notable presence in the United States. FCC ámbito has consolidated itself as a leading name in its sector thanks to its commitment to the quality of its services and its capacity for innovation. The company offers the most complete range of services adapted to each client’s needs, whilst giving priority to recycling and recovery of waste materials.

Since being established, FCC ámbito’s main objectives have included contributing value to the communities where the company operates as well as to wider society. Its extensive range of waste management and recovery facilities, equipped with the market-leading technology, enable waste to be managed properly, protecting the environment and the health of local communities. Through innovative solutions that utilise the resources that different types of waste contain, FCC has become a partner of industry and commerce, ensuring that they contribute to the circular economy, improving environmental, social and economic sustainability. The company’s areas of business can be grouped into two major sets of services:

  • Services for the circular economy
  • Environmental-protection services
Some figures (2015)
Facilities 68
Employees 630
Customers 15.000
Tonnes treated more than 2 million 


Operationally, FCC ámbito is made up of four regional/operational divisions, into which the various subsidiaries are integrated according to where there facilities are and what their services cover.

Internationally, business is channelled through operations in Portugal, including the subsidiary ECODEAL, and in the United States, via FCC Environmental Services.

Type of facility Number
Physical and chemical treatment plants 7
Stabilisation plants 6
Transfer centres 10
Oil and hydrocarbon treatment plants 7
Integrated centres 3
Glass treatment and recovery plants 3
Paper/cardboard and plastic treatment and recovery plants 16
Other waste recovery plants (refrigerators, electronic devices, batteries, swarf, PCBs, etc) 7
Final elimination facilities 9