FCC ámbito is a pioneering company worldwide.

1973: FCC ámbito starts its operations with the Aduna physical and chemical treatment plant, 15 years before the first environmental legislation came into force in Spain.

1984: Técnicas de Protección Ambiental S.A. (TPA) is set up, with the corporate purpose of preparing studies and projects for integrated industrial-waste management.

1995: First characterisation of contaminated sites and actions to remediate  sites. In the framework of this area of business and following the publication of RD 9/2005 and regional by-laws, the soil-contamination business was accredited as an inspection entity.

First decade of the 21st century: FCC ámbito takes a major step towards its internationalisation by promoting new facilities and developing its services in Portugal and the United States.

2005: FCC ámbito takes over MAREPA, Spain’s second largest paper and cardboard recovery firm, with strong implementation across the country to complement the company’s existing facilities and areas of business. The synergies achieved boost the recovery business for paper, cardboard and plastic, enabling FCC ámbito to be positioned as a leading name in integrated waste management and recovery, particularly in the commercial waste sector.

2006: FCC ámbito takes over the glass-recycling firm Gonzalo Mateo, with recovery plants in Valencia and Aragon regions, thus demonstrating the company’s commitment towards the circular economy via the recycling of waste.

Today: FCC Group’s Industrial Waste Division is integrated under the trade name of FCC ámbito, made up of more than 20 companies specialising in the management and recovery of industrial and commercial waste and soil and groundwater decontamination.