Since it was founded, FCC ámbito has been committed to innovation as an essential tool for consolidating and developing our position in the communities where we operate, often being ahead of the game in terms of new environmental regulations. The services and solutions implemented by FCC ámbito have foreseen our clients’ needs and wider society in terms of raising environmental awareness and making better use of resources. 

The following are priority RDI areas within FCC ámbito’s strategy:

  • Technological surveillance to optimise handling processes by applying the best techniques available so that environmental targets can be met.
  • Developing solutions to enable the resources that waste contains to be used, by strengthening reuse, recovery, recycling and recovery.
  • Researching emerging sectors to develop new handling technology that is suitable for new types of waste.
  • Researching carbon-capture processes by valuing waste.
  • Designing specific solutions for environmental challenges, e.g., treatment of mercury-contaminated soil.

Always seeking to enhance competitiveness, FCC ámbito has developed new waste recovery lines such as using recycled glass to make kitchen worktops or to use instead of sand for filtering. As for the decontamination of sites, at FCC ámbito we have set as one of our objectives the development of bioremediation technologies, owing to the importance of on-site actions in future remediation programmes for contaminated soil or water.