More than 40 years’ experience in the waste management and recovery sector has made FCC ámbito valued consultants to our clients. We have a consolidated team of specialist technicians who study individual clients’ needs to come up with the most appropriate solutions for every environmental challenge. We share a common goal of limiting the impact of industrial and commercial activities on our surroundings, assuring both environmental and socioeconomic sustainability. 

We have evolved with our clients, where previously we aimed to deliver integrated waste management solutions to reduce environmental impact, we now share with them the more ambitious challenge of increasing the amount of waste that is suitable for recovery rather than opting for elimination solutions. With this in mind, we prepare studies to determine the recovery potential of waste flows that are eliminated without first taking advantage of any resources they may contain. According to Directive 2008/98/EC on waste and the Spanish Waste and Contaminated Soils Act 2011 (22/2011), recovery is defined as:

  • An operation whose main result is that the waste serves a useful purpose by replacing other materials that otherwise would have been used with a particular end in view.
  • Preparing waste for a particular purpose, at the facility or in the economy in general.

Our experience and technological awareness that define our business culture mean that we are able to design the most appropriate innovative solutions for the recovery of each type of waste.


At FCC ámbito, as a company specialising in integrated management services, we take charge of processing all the official formalities that are involved in waste management, whether this relates to the production of waste or its removal and transport, as well as compulsory requirements imposed on major producers.