Thanks to our passion for innovation, at FCC ámbito Glass Recycling we are always on the lookout for new applications for the glass that we produce in our processes. This helps diversify our business and enables other sectors to benefit from our recycled material in their own production processes.

As a result of our innovation drive, in 2000 we created the commercial brand CRISMOL® for a compound product based on ground, calibrated glass. It can be applied to a diverse range of industry sectors including construction, where it can be used in pavements, landscaping, water filtration and the chemical sector.

CRISMOL® fine glass is pollutant-free and recognised for its excellent quality in all respects: dimensions, colour and texture. It is hard, non-porous and scratch-resistant, making it an ideal material for many different applications.

Its special colours, which cannot easily be achieved by other types of materials, can feature a wide range of shades, from the most traditional to those that achieve a degree of transparency similar to gemstones, making it possible to achieve dazzling results in terms of colour intensity.

Thanks to the versatility of our processes and the raw material that we received, we are able to meet our primary goal: “To supply our clients with the glass they want, and with the granule size they need.”

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