Glass recovery is channelled through FCC ámbito Glass Recycling. We have plants to receive and value both household and industrial glass. FCC ámbito Glass Recycling also has its own fleet of vehicles to provide glass collection and transport services, as well as a wide range of containers of all types to facilitate storage on our suppliers’ or clients’ premises. 

Once the glass has been collected, classified and treated at our facilities, it is sent as a raw material to the leading specialist manufacturers for reintroduction into the cycle, thereby complying with the principles of the circular economy.

FCC ámbito Glass Recycling’s objectives include:

  • Providing an excellent glass waste collection and handling service.
  • Improving the energy efficiency of the production process and minimise its environmental impact by reducing carbon emissions.
  • Producing clean, high quality glass, suitable for reintroduction into the production chain as a raw material, in accordance with European Regulation 1179/2012 on the final condition of waste for glass. FCC ámbito Glass Recycling is the first Spanish company to be granted approval under this regulation.

To achieve these goals, we have a highly experienced team working at three glass-treatment plants equipped with market-leading technology. By using active technological monitoring we are always up to date with the latest technological developments and can make improvements as needed. This includes innovations in the maintenance of process lines, such as, for example, regular updates of the software that controls the optical-separation equipment that remove any unwanted materials during recycling.