FCC ámbito is specialized in the services of recovery of paper and cardboard, plastics and other recoverable materials. Its clients include both public administrations, Integrated Management Systems (GIS) and companies of any size and sector. With a network of own facilities in different CCAA, FCC, mainly through its MAREPA subsidiary, ensures the quality and efficiency in its services, adapting to the needs of each client.

MAREPA, as an authorised recovery operator, intervenes in the integrated management system designed and organised by ECOEMBES, an entity that works in close partnership with regional and local authorities to make it possible to collect waste household receptacles deposited in the appropriate blue dumpsters. MAREPA collects the dumpsters from the roadside and takes the waste to its own facilities, where it is classified as necessary to eliminate any impurities. Once classified, the waste is conditioned per the relevant specifications in order for it to be transported to its final destination at recycling facilities, thus returning to production processes with the consequent savings in raw materials. 

These collection services are carried out using our own vehicles equipped with cranes and compacting systems. They are fitted with GPS equipment to improve the service as well as to control its quality and effectiveness.

The service that MAREPA provides includes daily control of the condition and filling of the dumpsters. MAREPA obtains significant data from this which is moves on to the authorities responsible for redistributing dumpsters according to changes in demand, leading to improvements in the service for the public.

MAREPA currently holds 60 partnership agreements with local authorities all over Spain, recycling more than 8,000 tonnes of waste collected from blue dumpsters each year.