In addition to providing services for public authorities, MAREPA also has a significant portfolio of industrial and commercial clients, including distribution, automotive, printing and publishing firms.

The services offered by FCC ámbito and MAREPA to its customers include the supply of all types of containers, cages, presses, compactors, self-compactors, etc., which facilitate the storage and conditioning of the waste prior to its disposal. The waste is directed to some of the facilities, where they are classified and conditioned for shipment to their final destinations of recycling.

Services for printers and graphics workshops


MAREPA has specialised in services for printing and graphics firms since it was established. As a result it acquired considerable experience enabling it to maximise the recoverys made of paper and cardboard offcuts produced in this sector. 

Our services begin with a study of offcut production so that the necessary storage and compacting systems can be installed, ensuring that the handling of offcuts does not interfere with production processes.

Services for publishers and distributors


The service that MAREPA provides for publishers and distributors is characterised by answering the each client’s specific needs. We remove waste from their workshops, ensuring that the transport is loss-free, and we certify its subsequent destruction with the maximum security. 

The experience that MAREPA has acquired in his sector has made the firm the ideal partner for clients seeking a handler they can trust to take care of the whole process involved, from removing the waste to certifying its destruction.

Services for industry and retail outlets

MAREPA provides services for all kinds of industrial production sectors, including large and medium-sized distribution. Our services range from the supply of containers and positioning of dumpsters, crushers and compacters to transporting the waste to our recycling facilities. Thanks to FCC ámbito’s synergies with other companies, MAREPA is able to provide integrated services for all types of waste anywhere in Spain.