Depending on the origin and nature of the glass waste that arrives at our facilities, FCC ámbito Glass Recycling carries out the following operations:

Glass from household receptacles


Household glass resulting from selective collection is classified, cleaned and conditioned by various technological processes in order to end up with a raw material called calcín, which is valid for use in the production of new glass receptacles.

Glass-waste treatment consists of eliminating any impurities of any kind, such as plastic containers, caps, corks, stones, ceramics and paper.  It is then classified by granule size in compliance with the technical specifications stipulated by our glass-making clients.

Glass from industrial clients


Industrial glass waste may come from many different sources. Depending on its type, as a first step on delivery at our facilities the glass is classified by its source, treating it to remove any unwanted accompanying items in order to achieve industrial calcín that is fit for use in industrial processes for the manufacture of new glass-based products, such as insulation, gresite, paving and abrasives.

The selection and treatment processes for both household and industrial glass are carried out automatically with strict quality control of the end product, verifying its fitness by taking significant samples on an ongoing basis.

After the treatment process, the recycled glass or calcín will comply with specifications stipulated by our clients.