WEEE that cannot be reused undergoes a specific treatment prior to any kind of procedure in order for it to be recycled or valued. This specific treatment will consist of removing any fluids and gases (e.g., oil, lubricants or others) as well as batteries, in order to proceed to its differentiated management through to authorised end handlers.

During the process of removing components or materials particular care is taken not to damage any components that might release any hazardous substances into the environment, or that could be diluted among the other fractions, thereby contaminating them.  

The procedures for the specific treatment WEEE depends on the type of waste in question. Royal Decree 110/2015 distinguishes between the following treatment operations:

  • G.1. General treatment operations
  • G.2. Treatment operations for WEEE containing CFC, HCF, HFC, HC or NH3
  • G.3. Treatment operations for CRT screens (cathode-ray TVs and monitors)
  • G.4. Treatment operations for flat screens with non-CRT technology
  • G.5. Treatment operations for lights containing mercury
  • G.6. Treatment operations for photovoltaic panels (silicon)
  • G.7. Treatment operations for photovoltaic panels (cadmium/telluride)