FCC ámbito, in accordance with the corporate policies of FCC Group, has a common framework for action with regard to ethical behaviour for all departments of the company, thus strengthening our business culture and our commitment towards society.

Upholding human and employment rights, environment-friendliness and ethical integrity are all part of the corporate principles and personnel associated with FCC. We meet our commitments and act in a fair, honest and transparent manner.

Working with the community

FCC ámbito cooperates in the communities in which it is present and collaborates in partnership with various projects to benefit the most disadvantaged. 

Many of FCC ámbito’s facilities have environmental or training classrooms, equipped with audio-visual equipment and explanatory panels to facilitate communication of our activities. These classrooms are used for theoretical training in the functioning of the facilities and our role in the circular economy, followed by a visit to the production areas. At FCC ámbito we believe in transparency and training as tools to increase sensitivity for the environment, and more specifically for waste to be properly managed, making good use of the resources that it contains.

Every year our facilities are visited by different groups and stakeholders, such as those belonging to the education community, residents associations and environmental-protection groups. Our facilities are clear examples of how the circular economy contributes towards the creation of new direct jobs in the communities where it is implemented, further enhancing socioeconomic and environmental sustainability.